Dear Brits: Please Don’t be a Bunch of Twats Today

Ari Krauss
3 min readDec 12, 2019

We really shouldn’t need to have this conversation on why you shouldn’t elect Jeremy Corbyn as your next Prime Minister. I’ll start by saying that I am not the most well versed in British Politics. The closest I come to keeping up is laughing at ridiculous Guardian op-eds and watching youtube videos of John Bercow. Even so it seems easy enough to recommend that nobody vote for the party that Hamas runs a Facebook page for.

Up until now the extent to which I’ve enjoyed British politics is how in Parliament they refer to each other as “the right honorable gentleman”. It seems like a very British way to say: “That piece of shit over there”. So then I will say in my best British accent possible:

Please don’t vote for the right honorable gentleman from the Labour party.

Jeremy Corbyn has hugged terrorists, called them friends, laid wreaths at memorials for them. He has appeared on Iranian television and taken money from people who have said they want to destroy Israel. There is less evidence for the moon landing than there is for Corbyn’s antisemitism. His best defense up until now is that he either didn’t know, didn’t realize, or is very sorry and it won’t happen again.

Those excuses didn’t work for anyone in middle school and they shouldn’t work for someone who wants to be the PM of a country with Nuclear weapons.

If it were any other minority this conversation would have been over before it even began. He has actively avoided rooting out antisemitism in his party to the point that it’s almost as if it doesn’t bother him. (Or maybe it’s some of that British Irony he was going on about that we just don’t understand). When the overwhelming number of Jews tell you that they feel threatened by Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party that he’s built, any normal person might wonder what they did to earn such universal distrust. Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour cronies are just calling it a Jewish Conspiracy.

From the way he talks you get the sense that if Jeremy Corbyn had been running for Prime Minister at the time of the Second World War, his biggest concern about the Holocaust would be the ecological impact of Zyklon B, the carbon footprint of the crematoriums, and whether Hitler had promised all citizens of conquered Europe free healthcare or not.

There are a whole host of other reasons that Jeremy Corbyn shouldn’t be the Prime Minister of anything, let alone a large Western country but those have also been covered by people more well versed than myself. All I am asking is that the British people not debase themselves by electing a hateful and bitter old socialist. Please Britain: Don’t make Brexit the second stupidest thing you’ve ever voted on.



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